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02 Jun 2014

Slave Framework is a very very simple Application Development Framework to develop in PHP inspired un Code Igniter. It provides base classes to implement model, views and controller classes, as well a router class that reads routing configuration and maps request URLs to controllers to by dispatched by the application class, and a loader class to load view scripts.

The package also provides general purpose classes for database access with PDO, wrap get and post request values, get and check hashes of files, retrieving application texts for different idioms, set and get permissions of directories, compute salted hashs of passwords, set and get session values, handle file uploads, get the current page URL and redirect to a new page.

This project is a hobby and in principle not pretend to be anything professional.



Class Manual

  • Database
  • Input
  • Integrity
  • Language
  • Permission
  • Security
  • Session
  • Upload
  • Url

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